welcoming me and you

hi hi hi!!!

first off, congratulations, you’ve found me. whether you wanted to or not, you have. so, welcome!!!

my name is gabby(hence, gabraacadabraa). clever, right? not exactly. i have no explanation for the double a’s, except for the fact that ‘gabracadabra’ was already taken on instagram because i was a little late to the wordplay game. oops.

i’m a senior in high school, an athlete, a foodie and a wannabe journalist. my days are spent in classrooms, on fields and cooped up in my room doing hours of homework and writing articles for my school newspaper as a periodic escape. i’m incredibly passionate about food, field hockey, fashion, family and friends– the five f’s!!! aside from my favorite f words, i absolutely love travelling and skiing– my family and i are constantly on the move. i’m not a fan of capital letters, doctors’ offices or mayonnaise, so you won’t be seeing any of those things on here. so sorry.

with that being said, this blog will be following my adventures both near and far, daily outfits, things i eat, things i cook and people i love. fun, huh?

well, enough from me. let’s dive in!!!

xx gabby

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