rolllling into spring: spring rolls and sunny salads

first off, i’m very sorry for that pun. it was too hard to resist including it.

moving on.

this afternoon, my mom and i lunched at the spotted horse in westport, ct; a chic tavern that my dad and sister recommended after eating there last weekend while we were away. the simple, homey decor was perfect for a casual lunch and appropriately cozy on a snowy spring day.

can we just take a moment to reread those last three words? snowy. spring. day. give me a break, mother nature.

anyhoo, our lunch spot provided the opportune setting for a light meal. our table was adorned with a tiny votive candle, crisp white linen napkins and heavy yet streamlined silverware, some of my favorite additions to a plain wooden table- keep it simple, people. also, the booth was comfy. and a comfy booth is key.

for an appetizer, we ordered vegetable spring rolls that came with a spicy thai chili dipping sauce. the rolls were super crispy and each vegetable inside was identifiable, unlike some spring rolls that appear to be filled with a mystery mix. to follow the fried first course, we each ordered caesar salads that came with marinated artichokes, a parmesan crisp and the option to squeeze fresh lemon over top, which was the perfect compliment to the creamy dressing. also, the lettuce was cut in small enough pieces as to avoid the struggle of trying to maneuver a giant leaf into your mouth, because that’s just not cute. i chose to top my salad with grilled shrimp and my mom chose salmon. we were equally impressed by the portion sizes and both were cooked perfectly. i would go back in a heartbeat and am eager to try some of their heartier dinner options.

let’s keep it rolling….

marinated artichoke caesar with grilled shrimp and fresh lemon *heart eyes emoji*

marinated artichoke caesar with grilled shrimp and fresh lemon *heart eyes emoji*

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rockin’ and rollin’

xx gabby

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