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truly magical: gabraa cadabraa bakes again

no. i did not take thi


alright people, i’ve turned over a new leaf. i don’t know if it was the change of seasons or what, but i retried my hand at baking(with a little moral support). tonight, my boyfriend and i ~*successfully*~ made creme brulee. real live creme brulee complete with a caramelized sugar top. bow down. the actual process was fairly simple(shoutout to ree drummond for the recipe, much love) and the outcome was absolutely delicious. everyone who sampled agreed that our work was comparable to a restaurant’s version of the dessert. the custard was super light and creamy and, luckily, placing the ramekins under the broiler worked perfectly as a blow torch replacement. not only were our creme brulees incredibly yummy, they were pretty, too.

we really made this. not a google image. really.

xx gabby

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