outfit of the day: jeans and sneakers reinvented

one of my favorite parts of spring is the wardrobe transition. most people loathe switching over their closets and trying to figure out how to dress for frigid morning and toasty afternoons. i, however, happen to love this. today was my first real chance to wear “spring clothes” as the temperature approached a whopping 45 degrees. practically tropical.

to compliment the barely balmy weather, i chose a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans, and let me tell you, styling boyfriend jeans is a million times harder than it looks. especially if you’re not trying to look like a seven year old boy or middle-aged painter. despite the outfit creating difficulty, these jeans are actually super versatile. they look good with basically any shoe, which was a major plus, and are the perfect “neutral” match for a light tshirt or sweater. the key is balancing different fits on the top and bottom that compliment each other, as to avoid creating a monotonous, boxy look. i opted for a tshirt and layered my trusty field jacket on top. had sandals been an option, you can bet i would have had my jack rogers on opposed to converse in a heartbeat.

the relaxed fit is perfectly casual for running errands, meeting for an informal lunch or sitting in a classroom, like i had no choice but to do. in addition to just looking less than formal, boyfriend jeans are super comfy, or at least i think so. they’re non-constricting and sit low on the waist, a perfect combo when dealing with a rough fabric such as denim that has the tendency to create a really negative overall pants experience.

pics of my positive pants experience right here:

total package(the outfit, that is ;) )

total package(the outfit, that is ;))

up close n personal with my leggiez

up close n personal with my leggiez

shirt: gap  necklace: francesca's turquoise bubble drop necklace

shirt: gap
necklace: francesca’s turquoise bubble drop necklace

lil close up; you've seen enough of this jacket by now, no?

lil close up; you’ve seen enough of this jacket by now, no?

xx gabby

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