breakfast for dinner? no. breakfast for snack

i love breakfast food. somethin’ about a bowl of cereal and a fried egg with a runny yolk and crispy edges is super comforting for me. so, after a stressful day it was exactly what i needed. and because i eat lunch relatively early at school, by the time i get home around 3 o’clock i’m usually hungry for a feast. the best part about this snack, though, is that it’s basically guilt-free. in my cereal bowl, is one of special k’s creations from their new protein-packed line of snacks; vanilla almond cereal with actual slivered almonds in it, not some mysterious almond flavoring concocted from a plethora of artificial flavors or extracted from the bark of a factory farmed plant found only in like, zimbabwe. a+, special k.

in addition to my cereal, i fried up an organic egg, sprinkled on a lil salt n peppa and enjoyed it alongside a perfectly ripe banana. literally, perfectly ripe. #blessed.

here ya have it…




xx gabby

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