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outfit of the day: lace and navy knits


with spring taking a little longer to show up than expected, i’m taking full advantage of the continuously chilly days by keeping my favorite sweaters on hand. with that being said, this outfit featured one piece that people are certainly sick of seeing me wear- my navy gap waffle sweater. quite frankly, this sweater is the best thing that has happened to me, fashion wise. it’s the perfect weight for the pubescent weather we’re currently experiencing here on the east coast and matches essentially everything. after all, navy basically is a neutral. to balance the cozy knit, it opted for a light, lacy skirt(you’re not going to believe where it’s from) and my trusty riding boots.

sweater: the gap waffle sweater of my dreams nail color: borrowed and blue by essie

skirt: abercrombie lace overlay skirt.
yes, abercrombie as in the same company that was renowned for making super short denim skirts and less than fashionable graphic tees circa 2003.

xx gabby

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