from the kitchen: comfort food part 1

although i crave sunny days, i’m not ready to give up the cozy cuisine that characterizes winter evenings. from soups to pot pies to hearty pasta dishes, winter food just has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it super comforting and especially crave-able all year long.

tonight, to accommodate a busy schedule, my mom quickly whipped up a family fave- grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. unfortunately, our grocery store did not have the american cheese we have grown to love, so our sammies grew up and were filled with muenster, instead. originally, i was skeptical, but now i’m not so sure about reverting. the mild and nutty cheese paired far better with the soup than the saltier option, which tends to cause a bit of a sodium overload. also, the muenster melts into creamy, satin-like sheets, making the entire experience just oh so glamourous.

aside from the euphoria that my tastebuds experienced, i could not help but just feel super warm and cozy while enjoying this meal. and, as overused as the phrase “warm and cozy” is, it’s the only appropriate explanation. a grilled cheese sandwich is, basically, a hug on a plate. dunked in super creamy, tomato-ey broth? you can’t go wrong.

i’ll let the pics speak for themselves.


the perfect combo; like the kim and kanye of the culinary world

ooooh baby

ooooh baby

xx gabby

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