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charleston day two: mares and markets


on our second day in the gorgeous city of charleston, we roamed a nineteenth century slave’s market and toured the city in a very unique way- on a horse and buggie.

at the market, we wandered through countless stalls of handmade baskets, clothes and confections and chatted with the artisans behind the impressive items. i was especially impressed by the sweetgrass baskets- vessels made of various grass-like plants by the descendants of the slaves that once walked the same path that we did a few days ago. each baskets takes up to 70 hours to make by hand, making them big ticket items in the slave’s market. a few stalls over, two women churned out fresh lemonade right before our eyes and the outcome was absolutely delicious.

later in the day, we hopped aboard a horse and buggie for a very unique tour of the historic city. some of the stops on our tour included the rainbow row, a street of colorfully painted historic homes and the battery, a park originally built as a designated area for the wealthy from surrounding neighborhoods to gather.

i would definitely recommend charleston as a vacation destination of people of all ages!

if you’re looking to drop $700 on a basket, here’s the place to do it!

lowcountry lemonade, yes please!

thanks for the tour, chief!

can you say dream home?

croquet in the park, anyone?

xx gabby

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