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back from the beach- in one piece!


after what seemed like a never ending month of travelling, advanced placement tests, weather changes and anxiety about junior year coming to a close, i am happy to say that gabraacadabraa is back!

to kick off a series of spring and summer themed posts, i figured i would share some of my favorite “throw on and go” outfits that are super versatile for wherever your summer adventures may take you. the best part about these ensembles is that they’re really not ensembles at all. as a matter of fact, each is just one piece!

first, i decided to share the most daring of the bunch- an all-over patterned jumpsuit. i was originally skeptical about this piece, but the fabric is incredibly soft and the pattern grew on me quickly. the top of the jumpsuit is structured, eliminating drooping on top, and the empire waist creates the illusion of a super long leg.

jumpsuit: abercrombie

next up is one of my favorite summer dresses- a simple eyelet shift from j. crew. the dress is the perfect weight for an outdoor party and is 100% cotton. delicate eyelet lace details add a touch of femininity to the somewhat shapeless shift and the dress is secured with a black ribbon bow in the back.

dress: j. crew

lastly, we have the wear-everywhere romper. i have worn this piece upwards of a dozen times since i purchased it a few months ago, simply because it is so versatile. to dress it up, i’ll typically add a statement necklace and simple heels, but the romper looks just as cute with  a cardigan and jack rogers for a comfortable, casual ensemble.

romper: abercrombie

piece out!

xx gabby

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