from the kitchen: homemade fish tacos

summer in new england only means two things: plenty of fresh fish and tons of recipes including it. for an easy weeknight dinner, my family and i chose super flaky and mild cod as the perfect base for our tex mex fish tacos.

the make-your-own meal started with the fish lightly grilled on a flat top grill pan with salt, pepper and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. from there on out, the options were endless. our taco bar included flour tortillas, black bean salsa, mango salsa, chipotle mayo and sour cream. naturally, i loaded it all into a tortilla and dug in, enjoying every single bite.

fish tacos are not only delicious, but a quick meal perfect for enjoying by the pool or packing up for a beach picnic! simply cook the fish in advance and pack all of the fixings in a cooler for a delicious seaside dinner.

dig in!






xx gabby

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