off the grid: escaping to eden

if you’ve ever been to new york city, you’ve certainly visited toys ‘r’ us, central park, radio city music hall and macy’s- quintessential city staples that are a must see for first timers. after a trip or two, though, it’s time to branch out of the commercialized mecca that is times square and appreciate the city for what it truly is- a melting pot of cultures, people from all walks of life and ideas brought to life by the craftsmen and businessmen that call the big apple home.

i have personally visited the city upwards of twenty times, enjoying ballets and rockette shows in the winter and the central park zoo and concerts in rockefeller center in the warmer months. i idolized eloise at the plaza for her spunk and luxe life as a child, and now aim to emulate the glamorous women of the upper east side who appear effortlessly chic and always just a little too good for whomever they may pass on their way to pilates. ever since my early childhood, the city has definitely had a place in my heart. each time i visit, however, i try to find a new destination that will broaden my repertoire of places i have spent time in and people i have become acquainted with.

on my most recent trip, i stopped into eden fine art, a unique gallery on the corner of madison avenue and 42nd street that displays work by artists from both near and far. the gallery is, literally, a blank canvas(think pure white walls and floors) splattered with pieces that the owner described as “abstract pop art.” nestled almost below street level, i was yanked into the showroom by a large, glossy sculpture in the window above the gallery’s sign. although backwards from where i stood, i could tell that the piece read “love” and it’s bright rainbow colors suggested a possible connection to a recent civil rights triumph.

a smaller version of the front decor

a smaller version of the front decor

instantly, we were greeted by a bearded man who spoke jubilantly about the sculptures in his gallery, telling about their origins, contents and the artists responsible for their construction. i learned that many of the pieces are made of bronze, despite resembling blown glass and come from as nearby as soho and as far as brazil. each artist spends years creating the masterpieces, often to watch them leave an art auction in the hands of a gallery owner or connoisseur. the bright colors and incredible details of the artwork made me want to gather all of my strength to lug a bronze sculpture like one of these back onto the train.




i definitely recommend eden as a whimsical alternative to typical tourist destinations, as it serves as a temporary escape from the chaos of manhattan. a stroll amongst the passionate pieces renewed my love for the richly influenced city.

more off the grid posts are sure to come, especially because ill be back in the city tomorrow ;)

xx gabby

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