outfit of the day: back on broadway

as promised, i have returned to continue my brief new york city travel guide. before i can dive into that, however, i must share what i chose to wear for my second trip into the city within a week.

knowing that it was going to be super hot and humid, i opted for a light dress from brandy melville. this number is made of super soft brushed cotton and hangs loosely, eliminating the classic issue of summer stickiness. on my feet, i wore *gasp* wedges! although wearing heels to a city basically made for walking around seems like a total rookie move, these shoes are so comfortable that i was confident i wouldn’t have a problem. being the savvy traveller i am, i did pack my tory burch miller sandals just as a precaution. luckily changing into my flats was unnecessary, despite our 40-something block trek to the jack rogers sample sale(worth it!).

dress: brandy melville shoes: steve madden bag: longchamp

dress: brandy melville
shoes: steve madden
bag: longchamp

xx gabby

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