blog-worthy fare: maison mathis

right in the heart of downtown new haven is the perfect french brunch spot, maison mathis. although the cafe is renowned for its decadent waffles and petite pastries, i tend to gravitate toward the restaurant’s savory crispy roll selection; a variety of sandwiches consisting of super crisp buns filled with delicious options. my personal favorite is the bacon and avocado, which i enjoyed alongside an iced latte from nearby willoughby’s coffee for a quick brunch enjoyed at a shiny marble table for two. the sandwich included a fluffy egg, melted cheddar, a generous portion of thick, smoky bacon and mashed avocados mixed with fresh onion and garlic. each crispy roll sandwich is served with a miniature salad topped with balsamic vinaigrette, which makes me feel better about consuming the amount of bacon and cheese contained in the crunchy bun ;)

i would certainly recommend maison mathis for a casual brunch, light dessert or sweet snack in a pristine setting complimented by bright cases of house-made treats.


xx gabby

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