outfit of the day: olive and eyelet

finding forgotten pieces in my closet is pretty much the best thing ever, especially for someone who feels as though they never have anything to wear. i’m sure that nearly everyone has experienced the struggle of staring at dozens of pieces, but having none fulfill your outfit desires. at the beginning of this week, that was my exact case, but the day was quickly saved by this ensemble- a hybrid of a skirt purchased for year-round play and a delicate rebecca taylor blouse….here the perfect piece is!


the bottom half of this ensemble consisted of an ecote for urban outfitters fave that’s super comfortable, clearly versatile and has the biggest(best!!!) pockets ever. moving up, we have one of my favorite tops ever- a lace panelled blouse- that added the perfect ethereal touch in contrast to the dark skirt. the final aspect of this look was my trusty sam edelmans, which will be frequenting the site now that i have given into the cold weather and finally broke them out. check it out…….


xx gabby

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