blog-worthy fare: belated berkshire bites

traditionally, the day after thanksgiving, my family and i retreat to the cozy, quaint dining room of the ‘6 house pub in williamstown, massachusetts for some much needed light fare after the previous day’s feast. nestling into an arm chair(you won’t find any stiff, wooden seats here) to enjoy spinach dip and baked scrod defined my black friday dinner situation, but the sudden influx of cold weather made this post seem very necessary now, over a month later.

here’s what we chowed down on to warm up….

recently, warm spinach and artichoke dips have topped my family’s list of favorite appetizers. the ‘6 house’s rendition of the dish is super bubbly and cheesy on top, but this heavy layer gives way to a runny, herbaceous pool of  earthy spinach and acidic artichokes, making it nearly impossible to resist.


to follow this delicious first course, i opted for the baked scrod- a moist, mild white fish filet topped with crisp breadcrumbs and baked to perfection. drizzled with a squeeze of fresh lemon, this entree was exactly what i needed after 24 hours of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and more pie than i will admit to eating. alongside my fish came rice pilaf, steamed green beans, and a house made roll, rounding out a perfect plate.


i would definitely recommend the ‘6 house to anyone visiting the berkshires. be prepared to enjoy a superb meal at this cozy gem in the heart of one of america’s most quaint areas.


xx gabby

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