blog-worthy fare: duck, duck, s’mores!

to ring in the new year and celebrate my mom’s birthday, my family and i tried a new spot- biagio restaurant in stratford, connecticut. behind the unassuming exterior was the artfully decorated and richly scented restaurant that instantly enticed us.

to begin our meal, we opted for two appetizer selections- crispy fried calamari drizzled with lemon juice, as well as a fantastic sampling of burrata. both of the dishes were completely terrific and served as the perfect intro to a night of delicious dishes.


crisp, chewy, and perfectly seasoned


the burrata of my dreams accompanied by roasted red peppers and vinegar-y marinated mushrooms

for my entree, i definitely escaped my comfort zone(new year, new me???) and chose duck ravioli sauteed with peas in a super light cream sauce. not exactly knowing what to expect, i dived into the dish and was so pleasantly surprised by the tender pasta which surrounded the most delicious ravioli filling i have ever had. the duck was buttery and meaty as expected, but so unique at the same time. the sauce was relatively simple, but perfectly complimented the ravioli and tender peas that floated in it.


totally worth escaping my comfort zone

to end my meal, i ordered the first item that truly stuck out to me on the menu- a s’mores creme brulee. the marriage of two of my all-time favorite sweets into one dessert lured me in and i ordered it without giving it a second thought. the beautiful treat arrived topped with thick vanilla meringue which covered the rich dark chocolate custard beneath it. this creme brulee had me in total dessert heaven from the very first bite and craving it days later.


biagio was the perfect destination for a casual, yet sophisticated meal in an ideal setting. the food was absolutely terrific and we will certainly be visiting again soon… and i recommend you do too!


xx gabby

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