blog-worthy fare: tarry lodge tastings

ever since tarry lodge moved onto park st. in new haven, i have been eager to visit, especially after hearing rave reviews from friends and local restaurant critics. because new haven offers dozens of excellent places to dine, i entered the restaurant with high expectations that were not just met, but exceeded throughout the evening. the food, staff, decor, and overall experience were exactly what i would expect from an establishment owned by the chancellor of italian cuisine, mr. mario batali.

to start the meal, we ordered the prosciutto pizza, which came topped with fresh tomato, mozzarella, and a blanket of peppery arugula. the combination of toppings was perfect, but the best part of this pizza was the crust. perfectly crisp and slightly salty, the base of the pizza was delectable. new haven is known nationally for its pizza, and tarry lodge’s brick oven-fired rendition certainly lived up to the city’s reputation. here’s a peek:


after a perfect first course, i was excited to try the next item in our lineup- a fantastic hanger steak entree that knocked both my sister’s and my socks off. both steaks were cooked to perfection- mine medium rare and her’s medium- and encrusted in an herbaceous rub that was unlike anything that i have tasted. alongside the steak, came roasted fingerling potatoes and a heaping portion of lightly-dressed arugula that balanced out the meal alongside the hearty meat and potatoes. is your mouth watering?(mine definitely is!)


after the first two courses, we could not help but abandon our dessert plans in favor of trying something (or four things…) off of the restaurant’s menu. my dad and sister tried the maple mascarpone cheesecake and tiramisu, respectively(so so so delicious!), but my mom and i both gravitated toward the homemade ice cream that adds to tarry lodge’s appeal. she chose the chocolate soft serve with fennel pollen and pomegranate syrup which was so uniquely tasty, but i could not resist the affogato. my dessert came in a slim wine glass and consisted of creamy, sweet vanilla ice cream topped off with a steaming shot of fresh espresso that was drizzled on at the table and served with a biscotti that i happily dipped into the coffee and ice cream. the dessert itself was simply incredible and combined two of my favorite things in the entire world, but the presentation’s personal touch really made the experience all the more pleasant. here’s a look at the flawless frozen dessert:


overall, tarry lodge was the ideal place to enjoy a weekend meal. the delicious food was terrifically complimented by stellar service and perfect decor for dining- truly the total package. not only did i enjoy every plate put in front of me, but felt as though the staff was thoroughly committed to making sure that my family and i were content- which we certainly were! if you find yourself in new haven, definitely carve out time to visit tarry lodge… you won’t be disappointed!

happy dining!

xx gabby

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