gabraacadabraa turns 1!!!

to my total elation, today marks one year of a website that i thought would only occur in my wildest dreams. if anyone had approached me a year ago and told me that i would be writing a blog that has garnered over 10,000 views, attention from multiple large brands, and completely changed my life, i would have never believed them. gabraacadabraa was born of one too many cups of coffee and a desire to create something based off of my passions, and to this day those very things fuel its forward momentum. i cannot accurately express how much the support, feedback, and love that i have received as a result of this endeavor mean, but i appreciate it wholeheartedly. don’t get me wrong, this project catapulted me into a pool of criticism, doubt, and a myriad of snarky remarks, but pushing all of those out of my mind helped me to focus on the thing that has brought me the most life changing experience! i have no intention of stopping what i have started any time soon, so follow along to see what’s in store…

here’s to one year of gabraacadabraa and many more!!!!

xx gabby

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