fitness faves!

a large facet to my everyday routine is working out. as much as i love the post-workout endorphin rush and feeling of accomplishment, the things that really get me to the gym, though, are cute exercise clothes and killer customized workouts. when i was playing field hockey for both my school and travel teams i was required to wear athletic shorts and jerseys almost every time that i was working out, but now that i’m on my own to exercise i take full advantage of all of the cute workout clothes that not only make me want to hit the gym, but allow me to run errands afterward without looking like a total slob.

my favorite bottoms are courtesy of lululemon, a go-to for athletic gear. their 7/8 pants are a godsend for anyone under 5’9″ and hit right at my ankle for a flattering, bunch-free fit. aside from my lulus, i love under armour’s leggings, as their designs incorporate such fun features like abstract stitching and bright color contrasts.

as far as tops go, i’m partial to lululemon’s swiftly tech racerback, as well as their cool racerback, but i also love nike’s simple, lightweight tanks that are perfect for a gym-to-real life look.

when it comes to the actual exercising part of going to the gym, my routine typically consists of 10-15 minutes of stretching, about 20 minutes of cardio(treadmill or elliptical depending on my mood) and a half hour total body circuit courtesy of sworkit. what is sworkit, you may ask?  it is by far the easiest and most effective way to customize workouts to meet your specific skill level, goals and time constraints. each regimen is accompanied by helpful videos that show exactly how to do each exercise, as well. with options such as yoga routines, lifting circuits and cardio interval workouts, sworkit eliminates the panic of going to the gym and not knowing where to begin amongst the labyrinth of machines. also, users can enter competitions such as the ‘six pack challenge'(i’m entered!) and compete against athletes worldwide which is an awesome way to stay motivated to hit the gym.

i hope that this post inspired you to get back on the working out bandwagon, even if it’s just to show off your killer gear ;)

also…by the time most of you see this post i’ll be en route to mexico, so stay tuned for plenty of posts about where we’re staying, what we’re eating and what i’m wearing. bon voyage!


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