a week abroad: carry-on essentials

i recently returned from a trip to cancún, puerto morelos and tulum, mexico and am so excited to share what sights we saw, where we stayed and overall highlights from an amazing trip! before i dive in, however, i thought it would be appropriate to post my absolute must-haves for a plane ride.


here’s the list! (counter-clockwise from top)

  1. i always like to have a cosmetic bag to tote a bronzer, mascara, and lip balm (my faves are linked), as well as a sunscreen, moisturizer and small package of makeup wipes.
  2. sea bands. i constantly get questions asking what these tiny wristbands actually do, and they are essentially pressure therapy wristbands that effectively prevent motion sickness. i have been using them since i was a toddler and now i don’t travel without them!
  3. headphones! i usually watch movies or listen to music on plane rides, so i rely on these noise-cancelling sony earbuds. also, they’re perfect gym companion and never fall out during a cardio session!
  4. wallet. having cash and cards handy is a must, and this michael kors pick is the perfect size to hold both, as well as a boarding pass and passport easily.
  5. my computer is a must in my carry-on, especially because i utilized my travel time to do homework, as well as catch up on my current netflix addiction, the office. i recently switched over from an hp notebook to macbook pro and am so happy that i did.
  6. atop my computer are two pairs of sunglasses that i have with me at all times. on the left are my rayban polarized aviators and on right are a fun knock-off version of dior’s iconic so real shades. the reals are linked, too if you’re down to drop $800 on a pair of specs ;)
  7. i simply always have my iphone 6s on me. literally always. i protect it from being bumped around in my bag with a tech 21 impact case.
  8. my final necessity is a change of clothes; necessary when traveling between climates.  when we got to mexico, i swapped the sweater that i flew in for a free people t-shirt. also, i constantly fear that my luggage is going to get lost(it never has!) so i keep a bathing suit with me on the plane. the one above is a combo of victoria’s secret bottoms and a mikoh top.

happy traveling!

xx gabby

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