the neatest brunch spot in westport

since moving to fairfield in september, i have been on a constant hunt for the perfect café in which to both have a delicious brunch and snap dozens of cute pictures for the ‘gram. despite being on a college student budget, i was willing to pay an uber fare to westport if it meant being reunited with a decorated latte, avocado toast and a cozy atmosphere that would provide refuge from the terrors of dining hall cuisine. a quick google search led me to neat, a tiny café off of main street known for simple, handcrafted cuisine and a chic setting. naturally, i made the trip.

the location itself is exactly that- neat. my friend and i chose to sit at the counter that runs across the back wall of the building because, quite honestly, the painted white countertop was ideal for photos. without even looking at the menu, we each asked for avo toast, accompanied by a hard boiled egg.

the base of the dish was the most delicious, thick cut whole grain bread which was piled high with mashed avocado and a dusting of paprika. unlike versions of this dish that mask the avocado under mounds of fixings, neat kept it simple, allowing the huge amount of avocado on each piece of bread to be enjoyed thoroughly.


if you find yourself in fairfield county, definitely venture to neat for the most blog-worthy brunch- and don’t forget to take lots of pics like i did! ;))

xx gabby

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