snack attack

with living in a dorm comes the task of having to buy my own groceries and try to make healthy snacks that are both filling and inexpensive. at home, i’m surrounded by healthy choices constantly, but at school unhealthy snacks are far more readily available. here are a few of my favorite toss-together snacks that i can quickly grab between classes or during a study sesh!

yogurt and fruit

every couple of weeks, my roommate and i make a whole foods run and stock up on fresh berries and yogurt that comprise the perfect breakfast or midday snack. i love adding dried cranberries for extra sweetness and granola for a little bit of crunch. not only is this a healthy pick, but super filling and photogenic!



snack mixes

i’m always craving something salty midday and instead of reaching for plain chips or crackers, i love throwing together snack mixes using some of my favorite healthy ingredients. one of my favorite combos is pretzel sticks, roasted almonds and wasabi peas for a little bit of heat, but feel free to add any of your faves! on days when i don’t have time to make my own snack mix, i love grabbing a handful of  a pre-made, organic snack mix, like the annie’s one pictured below. not only is this mix yummy, but also bunny-shaped which is so fun!


carrots and hummus

when i’m feeling extra healthy, i’ll reach for carrots and hummus. whole foods carries perfectly-sized containers for two people and their hummus is a staple in our grocery cart!


these are just a few of my favorite dorm snacks, as well as lots of fresh fruit and pre-portioned trail mix! follow along for more dorm living hacks that have made my transition to college as easy as pie! 

xx gabby

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