clean eating christmas cookies

after returning home for holiday break yesterday afternoon, i was eager to begin holiday baking. this semester was so much fun, but super stressful, so i am so happy to be home and re-focusing on dressing, dining, and creating blog content over the next month! this year, our traditional recipes have shifted slightly, as i've recently … Continue reading clean eating christmas cookies

blog-worthy fare: tarry lodge tastings

ever since tarry lodge moved onto park st. in new haven, i have been eager to visit, especially after hearing rave reviews from friends and local restaurant critics. because new haven offers dozens of excellent places to dine, i entered the restaurant with high expectations that were not just met, but exceeded throughout the evening. … Continue reading blog-worthy fare: tarry lodge tastings

blog-worthy fare: duck, duck, s’mores!

to ring in the new year and celebrate my mom's birthday, my family and i tried a new spot- biagio restaurant in stratford, connecticut. behind the unassuming exterior was the artfully decorated and richly scented restaurant that instantly enticed us. to begin our meal, we opted for two appetizer selections- crispy fried calamari drizzled with … Continue reading blog-worthy fare: duck, duck, s’mores!