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i am so lucky to not only go to school close to home, but also in an area that is defined by foodie culture. in short, i’m thriving. fairfield county’s culinary scene is insanely diverse, as you can find an upscale sushi spot just around the corner from a super-casual bagel shop and just about everything in between. when my friends and i need a break from studying, want to treat ourselves or have a craving for something our on-campus options can’t satiate, these are the places that we frequent.

breakfast from circle diner

on any weekend morning, group chats with friends contain the classic ‘diner?’ text, leading us to a late-morning meal of enough waffles, pancakes and fluffy omelets to satisfy us for the entire day.

firehouse sandwiches

from deli classics to a build-your-own-sandwich option, firehouse never fails. a chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, roasted red pepper and pesto panini is my go-to and unlike anything i can find on campus.

date night

every week, my boyfriend and i make a point to go out to dinner at least once and love finding new restaurants. paci in southport, ct provides the perfect setting for a deliciously-crafted italian meal and is only a short uber trip from fairfield.

health kick

sometimes after a spin class or weekend of not-so-great eating, i find myself craving a healthy breakfast and look to organika kitchen for their acai and smoothie bowls topped with, fruit, coconut and cacao galore.

sushi craving

finding good sushi in fairfield is not a challenge, but wild rice is definitely my and my friends’ go-to. whether it be for a birthday celebration or weeknight dinner, this restaurant always kicks our cravings.

sweet spot

a cult favorite, milkcraft, serves unique ice cream flavor combinations that are made right in front of you using liquid nitrogen and fresh ingredients. get your scoops in a bubblecone for the ~full experience.~

burger bar

while a debate exists over where the better burger comes from- plan b or flipside- my loyalty lays with flipside because of their unique flavors combos and bomb appetizers. nachos and a burrata burger to cure midweek stress? sold!

for when your parents are in town

molto is a stag favorite destination for a nice dinner, but unfortunately doesn’t cater to the under-21 crowd during dinnertime some nights. while takeout is always an option, make a reservation when your parents are in town if you’re not quite of age but crave high quality, authentic italian.

with this round up of fairfield faves, it’s hard to go hungry when i venture off campus. for any occasion, downtown fairfield has the perfect meal!

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xx gabby

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