good things come in threes

hey hey! after a brief absence to get my sh*t together, i am so excited to be back just in time to celebrate three years of gabraacadabraa! these last few months have been nothing short of chaotic. after returning to school for the spring semester, i immediately became insanely busy with schoolwork, an internship, and the quest to line up a gig for the summer; all of which have occupied the majority of my time recently. i believe so strongly in only producing content that i can put my full time and effort into, so a lack of posts is only a reflection of this.

with that, i am so excited to embark on my third year writing gabraacadabraa. i love having a platform to share the things that i am most passionate about and the last three years have been completely transformative. i have learned so much about myself, my skills, and my goals and find it so awesome to have a kind of virtual diary to look back at. thanks for sticking with me!

i started this blog at one of the most challenging points in my life- junior year of high school- when my anxiety was at its peak and i was the most uncertain about my future i have ever been. as cliche as it sounds, writing was my outlet and, at the time, i was the only one of my friends or peers who was writing a blog, which was both exciting and terrifying.  while i remain anxious and unsure, i have learned how to cope, thrive, and overcome, and am so excited to see what the next few years have in store. cheers to more growth, more posts, and more adventures– trust me, you don’t wanna miss out!! ;)

as always, stay tuned for more posts and follow along to be notified as soon as new content hits the site!


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