from the kitchen: the avocado toast of your new fork city dreams

there is really nothing i love more than food trends. the 2005 opening of candace nelson’s sprinkles cupcakes ushered in an era of foodies obsessed with tiny confections, followed by the froyo craze that left us buried under mounds of supposedly guilt-free desserts topped with literally every topping under the sun. fast forward a few years, and the dessert infatuation is becoming overshadowed by social media’s fascination with breakfast. acai bowls speckle my instagram feed daily and transforming store bought cinnamon roll dough into waffles has become a sleepover must. plates overflowing with mountains of pancakes frequent tumblr and images of two halves of a bagel stacked on top of one another to show the fixings inside are crucial to the social media profile of anyone lucky enough to live near the black seed bagel bakery.

one of the most popular, and photogenic, breakfasts contributing to the wave of blog-worthy dishes is avocado toast. popularized by new york city hotspots like the butcher’s daughter and navy, this sought after recipe(let’s call it avo toast for short) is quickly joining the menus of cafes around the country. inspired by this sudden surge, i decided to create my own version of the dish, featuring sourdough toast and a runny-yolked fried egg. here’s how it all came together:

first, i fried my egg to crispy-edged perfection, leaving the yolk perfectly molten to ooze down my toast later and left it to cool slightly on the stove.

next, in a small bowl, i mashed an avocado with a squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt, which i smeared onto my toasted sourdough bread.

for my last step of assembly, i simply popped the egg onto the bed of avocado and sprinkled it with salt and pepper, along with crushed red pepper flakes. the red pepper added a needed spice, but is totally optional.


clearly, this trendy breakfast is far from complicated and the perfect healthy way to start your day. also, it makes great instagram material ;)

is your mouth watering yet?
xx gabby

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